How to Apply Malaysia Visa from Pakistan 2023

How to Apply Malaysia Visa from Pakistan 2023. To visit Malaysia, you must have a visa to Malaysia from Pakistan. The visa process can easily be managed for you and you can get Malaysia visa at home without visiting any embassy or visa application center. Get the price of tourist visa for Malaysia given in the following table in detail.

How to Apply Malaysia Visa from Pakistan 2023

How to apply for Malaysia evisa online?

How to Apply Malaysia Visa from Pakistan 2023. It is a very straightforward process to apply for a Malaysia evisa online on a Pakistani passport. But it also has some requirements. Malaysia currently offers evisa to a limited number of countries and that list luckily includes Pakistan as well. Please visit the following official government website to apply for evisa:

On this website, click “I’m New” if you are new, and it will take you to a page where you will have to provide your basic information such as name and address in order to create your account. After you create an account, you will be able to apply for Evisa.

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Malaysia eVisa Requirements for Pakistani Citizens

There are a few requirements that you must provide in order to successfully submit the evisa application. if you don’t provide the documents asked in the application then it might be unsuccessful. You don’t need an invitation letter for Malaysia evisa.

How to Apply Malaysia Visa from Pakistan 2023.If you mistakenly submitted the wrong document then don’t worry, they’ll ask you to send the correct one. I myself did a mistake by providing the wrong return flight document. They contacted me back via email and then I provided the correct flight details.

How to Apply Malaysia Visa from Pakistan 2023.But if you do it right in the first place then there will be no delays in processing your application for evisa to Malaysia by the immigration authorities of that country. I always say this; please check the official website for up-to-date information and regulations about visas and passes.

How to Apply Malaysia Visa from Pakistan 2023.Documents Required for Malaysia Evisa:

1. Passport Scanned
2. Return Ticket
3. Hotel Booking
4. Bank Statement

A bank statement should generally have an Rs200,000 minimum balance. After you apply for the visa online, it will send you instructions on how to pay the visa fee in Habib Metropolitan Bank. The fee is Rs.7700 (around that).

How to Apply Malaysia Visa from Pakistan 2023.After you pay the fees, you will be given a receipt by the bank which you will have to upload online to complete the visa application process. it will take 2 to 3 days for evisa to get processed. in most cases, it will be approved and in some cases, it can be refused.

How to Apply for Malaysia Sticker Visa?

How to Apply Malaysia Visa from Pakistan 2023.In order to obtain a sticker visa to Malaysia, you can visit the Malaysian high commission located in Islamabad next to the Ministry of foreign affairs. All people from FATA, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and Punjab should visit the high commission in Islamabad for obtaining a Malaysian visa.

Residents of Sindh and Baluchistan can visit the Malaysian consulate located at DHA in Karachi. The following is the address and phone numbers of the Malaysian consulate in Karachi.

Address: No. 7-A,
Telephone: (92 21) 3529 5618/19
Fax: (92 21) 3529 5614/17
GMT: +5 (3 hours behind Malaysia)
Work days: Monday to Friday: 9.00am – 5.00pm
Public Holidays: Saturday & Sunday

How to Apply Malaysia Visa from Pakistan 2023.Malaysia Sticker Visa Requirements for Pakistani Citizens

Requirements for a Malaysia sticker visa are very basic same as a Thailand visa for Pakistani citizens. It is better to apply for a Malaysia sticker visa through a travel agency that will arrange most of these documents for you except the Bank statement.

Documents Required for Malaysia Sticker visa:

1 (one) copy of the Covering Letter
2. 1 (one) Visa Application Form.
3. 2 (two) recent photographs of the applicant (passport size/white background).
4. Original & photocopy of Pakistan National Identity Card (CNIC) (A4 size).
5. Original passport & photocopy of passport (A4 size)
6. Bank statement for last six months (Balance Rs200,000)
7. Flight Reservation
8. Hotel Booking

The Visa fee is generally Rs.15000 for a Malaysia sticker visa. But most of the time, people do this visa through a travel agency. They charge a different fee for a Malaysia visa. Some agencies will charge you Rs.20,000 and some may charge you more. You should consult with a few agencies to find the best price.

Malaysia Visa Tips for Pakistani Passport Holders

I have obtained a Malaysia evisa as well as a sticker visa numerous times on my Pakistani passport and I can give you some tips that will help you obtain the visa and travel to Malaysia without any hassle. If this is your first time in Malaysia then I would suggest you apply for a sticker visa through a travel agency, this way, you will spend more money but the visa will be guaranteed. eVisa is sometimes refused and that’s a waste of money.

Provide complete and original documents for applying online. If you provide fake documents or information, that can go against you. Malaysia visa is not that difficult but if you apply yourself online then it will be easier for you and you can track it yourself. Only go-to travel agency for sticker visa, in case of evisa; always apply yourself on the website that I have provided above in this post.

Travel Requirements from Pakistan to Malaysia

How to Apply Malaysia Visa from Pakistan 2023.First of all, the airline will let you board the flight with a Malaysia evisa or sticker visa. You will reach Malaysia airport and you should take a printout of the evisa that you received via email.
Show that to the immigration officer, he/she will check it and authenticate it. They will stamp your passport. And that’s how I experienced it without any hassle.

How to Apply Malaysia Visa from Pakistan 2023.However, you must always have a return ticket, hotel booking, and $50 per day cash with you to be on the safe side. During my recent visit, I was asked about these things. Especially, if it’s your first time in Malaysia then do keep these three things with you to avoid deportation.

Obtaining your Malaysia visa from Pakistan 2023 at a low price has never been easier, and our team is here to provide you with step-by-step guidance throughout the visa application process for Malaysia. As mentioned above, the Malaysian visa process is done online and facilitates it via authorized Malaysia visa Dropbox service. We provide efficient document preparation; you can apply for your Malaysia visa 2023 within a day and submit the application the following day. The best part is that you do not need to physically appear at the embassy for Malaysia visa application or any other location. The entire visa application process is conducted online, allowing you to apply for the Malaysia visa hassle-free from anywhere in Pakistan or abroad.

Malaysian sticker visa services are available with A sticker visa means that the visa is pasted on your passport. We’ll help you finalize your documents for Malaysian sticker visa at very low prices so you can avail this visa asap. Talk to us and we’ll guide you on the document requirements and application process for the Malaysia visa from Pakistan.

Malaysia Visit Visa Fee/Price from Pakistan

When applying for Malaysian visa from Pakistan, there are two separate costs that visa applicants have to bear. But we at trips, provide you complete package of Malaysia visa fee which is under.

File preparation including embassy visa fee = Rs. 17000 (updated July 2023)

The above cost covers you file preparation as well as Embassy fee for Malaysia visa.

How to Apply Malaysia Visa from Pakistan 2023.You can do the documentation or file preparation yourself or you can get our services and one of our visa consultants will coordinate with you to create the best case for you so that your visa ratio can be the maximum.

How to Apply for Malasyia Visa from Pakistan

In order to apply a safe application to Malaysian consulate the applicants are asked to follow the below-given general rules and steps:

  1. Register yourself here :
  2. First of all the applicants are asked to choose the visa category you need.
  3. Here the complete general requirements for visit visas are described below on this page. Applicants are asked to check out the given requirements before going to start your application.
  4. If you are meeting with the given requirements then go ahead and submit your application.
  5. Then Fill the form carefully.
  6. Applicants can apply direct application to the Malaysian embassy or consulate.
  7. However, if you are feeling any hesitation in submitting a direct application to the Malaysian embassy or consulate then you are suggested to meet Pakistan’s best consultant here at to make your application process easy and safe.
  8. After submitting the application the Malaysian embassy or consulate would take the time of at least 10 to 15 working days to process your visa.
  9. Keep it in mind that if the embassy requires any further or additional document this can be asked and you will be required to submit the required document.
  10. Once, your application will be approved you will be informed by the embassy or the consulate through the given contact details.


How to Apply Malaysia Visa from Pakistan 2023.Important Notes about the Malaysian Visa

How to Apply Malaysia Visa from Pakistan 2023. Following are the important notes the applicants must know about Malaysia visa:

  1. Applicants need to have a valid Pakistani passport with at least 6 months’ validity. In the case of document expiration, the Malaysian government allows the applicants to renew the documents in any Malaysian consulate abroad.
  2. Applicants are required to visit within the valid date of the visa. However, the immigration entry counters have the authority to make the decision about your entry or rejection of visa instantly.
  3. On your arrival, you may be asked to show a sufficient balance that would make your stay possible in Malaysia. You may also be required to show a valid return airfare at the time of your arrival in Malaysia. Otherwise, immigration has the authority to prohibit your entry into Malaysia.
  4. The Malaysian government has also decided that what kind of persons are not allowed to get entry or stay in Malaysia and these are included on illegal immigrants, persons with no means of sustenance, convicts, and contagious persons, etc.

Visa Types of Malaysia from Pakistan

Following are the types of visa offered by Malaysia:

  1. Single entry visa
  2. Multiple entry visa
  3. Transit visa
  4. Visa with/without Reference
  5. Short Term Pass / Social Visit
  6. Long Term Pass / Social Visit
  7. Student Passes​

Documents Required for Malaysia Visa from Pakistan

The visitor must submit these Required documents if he want to get Malaysia Visa From Pakistan may vary from visa category to visa category. However, the general requirements for almost all types of visit permits are the same and these general requirements are mentioned below.If you want further help also provide you Visa Assistance for Malaysia ,All the applicants are advised to carefully read out ht instructions regarding required documents to make your application successful and easy:

  1. Valid Passport: Applicants are required to show a valid passport with the validity of at least 06 months.
  2. Return Airfare: Applicants are required to show a return airfare while processing their visas.
  3. Hotel Booking: To give the proof o accommodation is also mandatory for the applicants to show. For this purpose, a valid hotel booking is required.
  4. Bank Account Statement: Applicants, for the purpose of sufficient money proof, are required to submit a valid bank account statement. Applicants are required to show at least 06 months bank account statement.
  5. Other Identity Documents: Other identity documents such as national identity cards and birth certificates, and recent photographs, etc. may also be required.
  6. Sponsor Letter: In case, the applicants are going through a sponsor offer then they are required to show a sponsor letter.
  7. Health Care Certificate: Health care certificate from an approved or a recognized medical center is also required.
  8. Other Required Documents: If any other documents will be required from the embassy or consulate, for any other verification, then the applicants will be required to submit the required document(s).    ​

Documents Needed at Malaysia Entry Checkpoints

You can enter Malaysia via road from Thailand or from Singapore. At the same time, Having got yoru Malaysia visa from Pakistan, it’s a better option to enter this country via airport. It has been noted that when you enter by road, there are more chances that you’ll get investigated more by the immigration authorities.
Moreover, be prepared for brief interview at the immigration desk. The following documents are require upon arrival In Malaysia Entry Checkpoints.
  1. Visa Printout.
  2. Confirmed Returned Air ticket
  3. Valid proof of accommodation
  4. Sufficient money to meet your expenses in Malaysia.

How to Apply Malaysia Visa from Pakistan 2023